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About MyCreditVault

MyCreditVault provides a blueprint for a future of secure financial transactions.
Our Mission is to end Identity Theft, as we know it, by giving consumers control.

Randy Smith, the sole inventor of MyCreditVault, was also the original founder, inventor and CEO of MobilePayUSA, that will soon turn your phone into your wallet. MobilePayUSA was a TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley Winner in 2010. Randy is also the founder and chief editor of Mobile Wallet Media and founder of CitizensReUnited.

We live in a "Time of Transparency!" A time where transforming ideas may turn into reality by simply utilizing of all the incredible social media tools available today.
With support of the media, the credit bureaus and banks we can end 99% of ID theft!
Identity Theft May Soon Be History (with your help)!
An estimated 25 million Americans pay an average of $12.50 per month, for credit monitoring services. MyCreditVault believes many more would pay this monthly fee, for the peace in knowing their cash and credit accounts were more secure. Providing an improved service should increase adoption and even allow for increased fees. However, 100% of Americans could be covered for only $1/month at the same cost it now takes to pay for credit monitoring services for 25 million Americans. Albeit, for MyCreditVault to be fully embraced by banks, credit bureaus and credit monitoring service providers, the opportunity for increased revenues must exist.

So how do we make MyCreditVault a reality? If those paying $12.50/month for credit monitoring services doubled to near 50 million Americans, or near 20% of all Americans, this would add about $3.75 billion in revenues. Javelin Research estimated fraud cost consumers and businesses $54 billion in 2009. CNN says that the healthcare industry alone is bilked of $100 billion/year, half being paid by Medicare with our tax dollars. In total, the estimated cost of ID theft to America is near $150 billion/year. If banks, credit bureaus and credit monitoring service providers were paid 50% of savings in the reduction of the financial losses due to Identity Theft and losses were reduced by 1/3, an additional $8.3 billion in revenues would be added. In total, new revenues for those protecting our financial accounts could rise $12 billion/year, thus replacing the estimated $6.6 billion/year in revenues banks lost from debit card processing, post-Durbin amendment, and add $5 billion, for those providing ID Theft prevention services. Plus America, would save about $33 billion/year and perhaps billions of hours a year!

Even if this system cost $100 million to build, it makes the estimated $50 billion/year in healthcare and tax return fraud, paid for with our tax dollars, pale in comparison. If at all possible, tax dollars should not be used for development of this system. Banks and credit bureaus, the TRUSTED SERVICE PROVIDERS and GUARDIANS OF OUR CASH & CREDIT, should step up now to strongly support MyCreditVault!

We need a credible and courageous media source to tell our story!

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