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Sign Up Thru Bank
Banks have already verified your identity & will work with credit bureaus to securely complete enrollment in as fast as 60 seconds!
Mobile App/Web
Mobile app/web is used to lock and unlock credit file or permit or deny transactions. Login securely with 4-digit pin. It's fast, simple and secure!
How MyCreditVault Will Work
Credit/debit cards, bank accounts and credit files can be locked/unlocked in seconds through use of Mobile phone. Unauthorized transactions will not be processed!
See FAQ, System Diagram and solution to prevent tax refund fraud.
Lock/Unlock Credit File
Enter the phone number or website of the bank or creditor you want to issue a credit report to. Credit bureaus will not issue credit file without your permission.

Or Lock/Unlock Bank Cards/Accounts
Tap on card or account to activate or set limits: 1) Ecommerce 2) Mobile GPS enable
3) Region: area/zip code, web, country or state 4) time/date.
Security For The Digital Age
Multi-Factor authentication is needed to protect all of our financial accounts. Logging in online to MyCreditVault will require additional verification of your identity by means of mobile or IVR confirmation. A unique code will be sent to phone/email and user will be able to complete login by use of pin. Mobile app may not require code.

Privacy Rights
MyCreditVault is a firm supporter of rights to privacy and is not in support of sharing with any organization connected to MyCreditVault, purchase or private data collected, other than for intended purposes as described on this site.
The Time is Near For No Fear!
If thieves can't use your Social Security, bank account or credit/debit card numbers or your online banking login password to steal your money and good credit, there is no longer reason to fear!
The Time is Near For No Fear!
My Cash & Credit are Secure!

Learn about our solution to end Tax Refund Fraud.